About DGP

Darian Glover

As a young child, Darian was fascinated by his mother’s Kodak Brownie Holiday camera. With its Art Deco design, Bakelite housing, and soft click of the shutter, the camera was of more interest to him than any of his toys. From that point on Darian sought out every camera he could put his hands on. He was the photographer of his high school paper, co-founded his university’s campus cable television station, and was a videographer and editor for an Emmy Award winning television series.

Somehow photography was regulated to being a hobby, because today Darian manages the information technology department for a financial services firm in Washington, DC. But Darian’s photographic work has continued to garner attention. Friends and strangers have asked to hire his services, thus Darian has converted his hobby into a sideline, Darian Glover Photography.

Please browse his portfolio and his Facebook page to learn more about his work.